Q: How do I use the Freedom Cleat?

A: Once on your boat, lift the red handle on the Freedom Cleat, and then stick down on a smooth surface to create the super strong suction. The surface must be smooth for the Cleat to stick properly. After the cleat is secure, throw your fender over the side, and dock with ease!


Q: Where are the Freedom Cleat and accessories shipped from?

A: All Freedom Cleat products are shipped from Fenton, MI, USA. So shipping times will typically vary on your proximity to our Fenton location. 


Q: How is the Freedom Cleat better than other cleats?

A: We made the Freedom Cleat because we had the issue on our boats of needing a fender where we had no cleat. This is what spurred our team into creating the solution: the Freedom Cleat! Move it anywhere on the boat with no need for annoying knots or molding dock lines.


Q: Will the large carabiner of the Freedom Cleat Fender System scratch my boat?

A: No! We get this question often, and the solution comes from two aspects:

#1 The width of the fender keeps the carabiner away from the boat, so no contact can occur.

#2: The carabiner has a protective foam padding on it, so even if the fender used is so thin that contact may occur, the protective padding will prevent any scratching.


Q: What is the best boat cleat system in the world?!

A: The Freedom Cleat!!


Q: What should I do to return my order?

A: Although we are sad you want to return your Freedom Cleat, you can always email us at charlie@freedomcleat.com for any help or returns.


Q: Do you offer discounts on multiple cleats for my boat?

A: Yes! Email charlie@freedomcleat.com for large order pricing!